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6 Nonsmokers (2011): Dr. Henry Caldwell, the world's foremost mediator, faces the biggest challenge of his career when he takes on six roommates whose...

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6 Nonsmokers (2011): Dr. Henry Caldwell, the world's foremost mediator, faces the biggest challenge of his career when he takes on six roommates whose only thing in common is that none of them smoke.

Director: Francis Abbey
Writers: Francis Abbey, Jenna St. John (story)
Stars: Bridgetta Tomarchio, Greg Thompson, Jim Murphy
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 20 January 2013 (USA)
Genre: Comedy

Review (indyred.com):

"In the end, "6 Nonsmokers" is actually a pretty funny movie. Not funny in a bathroom f*rt gag kind of way, instead using some well written dialog and cool concepts to push the narrative forward, in a comedic way. This movie could have been a smash hit a decade or two ago, and it does possess an era of those times. As I watched I was never in stitches, rolling on the ground laughing, but I was chuckling enough to easily watch the hour and a half presented... with no regrets. As I wrote above, this is a funny film and I would easily recommend it as light entertainment for anyone wishing to pass some time.
On the technical front, "6 Nonsmokers" felt like it was shown in what I call "9D" aka 1990's definition. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, but at first it slightly threw me off. Then, as the film progressed I became accustomed to the look, and feel it actually helped push the flick along. Don't get me wrong, this is not a nostalgia piece or a cheaply made movie. I just couldn't help feeling myself being pulled back a few years, by the style of the film; not by the actual content of it. My throwback feelings may have come from the lensing itself, ranging from really slick to a little 'iffy' at times, the staple of a lot of films from an era past. This could be the reason for me feeling like "6 Nonsmokers" was a throwback piece without actually being one. The acting itself also heavily influenced my overall thoughts on the film, running the spectrum from good to corny. At times during the film, the actors came across as genuinely funny and completely meshing with the scene and context. Other times however, not so much. From canned sounding dialog to what felt like an audition process, the character portrayals were just all over the map. Not all the time, but enough to notice. Even the well written script just wasn't enough to cancel out some of the lesser performances. What really bothered me was the fact that the actors were capable of great performances. I know this because said performances were also present in the film. Having some consistent acting would have went miles. Again, when reading this please take my ramblings with a spoonful of sugar. If the acting was "really really bad" I never would have made it through the film.
This was/is a good movie. Not one that will stick with me for weeks on end, but enough to make me a little happier and giggly when the credits rolled. Well above average and completely enjoyable, "6 Nonsmokers" may not be perfect... but what ever is now-days? You'll laugh and groan at some of the completely over the top characters, and the situations they find themselves put into. All in the name of science... and our entertainment."


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