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A Bullet for the General - A band of Mexican gun-runners employed by a revolutionary general accept an American into their gang, unaware of his intent...

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A Bullet for the General - A band of Mexican gun-runners employed by a revolutionary general accept an American into their gang, unaware of his intentions.

A Bullet for the General (1967)
Director: Damiano Damiani
Writers: Salvatore Laurani (story and screenplay), Franco Solinas (adaptation)
Stars: Gian Maria Volontè, Klaus Kinski, Martine Beswick
Genres: Action, Western
Country: Italy
Language: Italian, Spanish, English
Release Date: 7 June 1968 (West Germany)
Runtime: 118 min (International Cut)
Filming Locations: Cinecittà Studios, Cinecittà, Rome, Lazio, Italy

In the rough years of the revolution in Mexico, the hardened bandit chief, El Chucho, is in need of arms, ammunition, and a much-sought-after machine gun to support the leader of the revolution, the rebel General, Elías. With this in mind, Chucho attacks a government supply train and gets an unforeseen assistance from Bill Tate--the American gringo in the impeccable suit--with whom will soon become friends. Now, Bill is truly indispensable to the gang, however, could he be hiding his true objective behind a boyish and calm face? Written by Nick Riganas

"I agree with the other viewers how wonderful this film is. However they seem to miss the real point of the film. Made in 1967 during the Vietnam war, this film is really a comment on US policies in the world. It is a classic of the genre of euro intellectual leftist anti imperial US films of the time, beautifully done. Damiano in his films obviously likes and respects Americans, just not the imperial thing.

Regardless of your politics it is important to see this film for what it is really is. For an old lefty like me I kept thinking "where was this film in the early 70's when I was in college". I would have loved it then, as much as I loved seeing it now, almost 30 years after it birth." Written by jam55 on IMDb.com

"An Italian crude version of west and an Italian vision of the reality of late sixty years of XX century The late sixties were the same year of first feeble Italian crime/police films that explained the crude real life of the period named as "lead years", terrorism, murders and kidnapping. This film is the prelude to all these fact. Gian Maria Volontè superb acting piece also in a low cost production, dialogs very essential and with a little bit of anarchy sense. I saw this film at 7 - 8 years old with my grandpa in an old smoky cinema and was for me not bloodiest not like other actual films. A real must for all kids mature and experts. Note also the presence of a less known Klaus Kinsky as El Chuncho's brother." Written by Cambronne on IMDb.com

"Always been a big spaghetti western fan and this is one of the best. Damiano Damiani's 1966 film is set against the Mexican revolution and tells the story of a bandit - the wonderful Gian Maria Volonté and his gang who terrorise the Govt troops and relieve them of their weapons that they sell to the revolutionary general.

They meet up with an American (Lou Castel) who joins them but whose motives they suspect.

There are spectacular train attacks , mega-massacres and piched battles along the way but the film has a strong moral sense allied with an almost Marxist viewpoint.

On several occasions we see Volente wrestling with doing the right thing and doing the thing that will pay him. The script is exellent and although most is dubbed (as always with these movies)the storyline is as engrossing as the action. Klaus Kinski has fun as the mad priest/bandit and the whole thing looks terrific in a 2:35 print really utilising the huge landscapes.

There is a terrific moment at the end where one character does a simple thing and the other character suddenly realises what has been going on all along.

A truly terrific picture and in feel not that far away from Leones'later Fistful of Dynamite." Written by steve_b33 on IMDb.com


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