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[April Fools] Danganronpa Birth:Right Trailer (DRBR)

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https://drbirthright.weebly.com/ Featured on Gematsu's 2019 April Fools round-up! https://gematsu.com/2019/03/april-fools-day-2019-compilation Join th...

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Featured on Gematsu's 2019 April Fools round-up! https://gematsu.com/2019/03/april-fools-day-2019-compilation

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1. Are there any rules regarding the usage and any derivative creations of Danganronpa - Birth: Right (DRBR)?
Only a few!
Please make sure to clearly state that DRBR is a fan-project, and not an official Danganronpa series.
Using DRBR content in any way to harass, slander, bully, etc., anyone or groups of people is strictly prohibited.
DRBR characters are not to be used in roleplay clients. Regular roleplays are fine, but we strictly object to the 3rd-party distribution of DRBR assets.
We do not mind if you use the official Danganronpa hashtag, but please also tag DRBR things with #DRBR to make it easier to find!

2. Do you have permission from Miwashiba to do this?

3. Do you have any plans to make DRBR a full series? Is it more than just that trailer?
There's nothing more than the April Fools trailer, and we have no plans to do anything else with the characters. We're already running one series, running two would be a nightmare!

4. What's the plot of DRBR? Is Hikaru Tsuchiya the mastermind? Is Shiori Yodogawa actually an assassin?
Simply put, there is none beyond what is in the story page. You're free to imagine it as you please.

​5. Class Trial 2 though?
​Would you rather have this and still be waiting for the next part, or have nothing at all and still be waiting for the next part? Please believe us when we say that there'll be news on this front very soon!

6. How long has DRBR been in production for?
The initial idea was conceived around June last year, but was put on the backburner until near the end of February when we began to work on it fully.

7. What are the Japanese characters for the characters' new names?
Asuka Fujimori - 藤森あすか
Shiori Yodogawa - 淀川志おり
Mikado Itsuki - 伊月門
Terushige Koga - 古賀光成
Mikio Himuro - 氷室幹生
Yukiko Rokudou - 六道斎木子
Mahiro Kagura - 神楽舞海
Yoshio Izumo - 出雲佳生
Hikaru Tsuchiya - 土屋晃
Suzuki Aisaka - 逢坂鈴木
Seita Osone - 大曽根成太
Keiko Sakuma - 佐久間桂吾
Akihito Todoroki - 轟木愛仁
Marito Mizuta - 瑞田愛理澄
Shizuka Samejima - 鮫島侍叙香

8. Did you and the team of Danganronpa: TheAfter collaborate in any way?
Nope! In fact, I had to message them when they teased their April Fools video to make sure they knew we weren't copying them, haha. Just a coincidence!


Zuunial - Sprites (Asuka Fujimori, Shiori Yodogawa, Yoshio Izumo), and sprite expressions.
Stan - Sprites (Akihito Todoroki, Keiko Sakuma, Mikado Itsuki, Terushige Koga, Seita Osone).
Evening_Minky - Sprites (Shizuka Samejima, Yukiko Rokudou).
DJCat - Sprites (Suzuki Aisaka, Mikio Himuro).
FriendlyPB - Sprites (Hikaru Tsuchiya, Marito Mizuta).
BlueStylus - Sprites (Mahiro Kagura) and sprite expressions.
Toff - Sprites (Hikaru Tsuchiya), sprite cleanup, and sprite expressions.
Pierates - Sprites (Monorado) and CG art (Emile & Asuka).
Mad_Marc - Sprite expressions.

Asuka Fujimori - Kel
Akihito Todoroki - Mahou
Hikaru Tsuchiya - Siri
Keiko Sakuma - Kae
Mahiro Kagura - GT
Marito Mizuta - Bostoboy
Mikado Itsuki - Sword of Swords
Mikio Himuro - C_Squint
Seita Osone - DanganYoung
Shiori Yodogawa - Somni
Shizuka Samejima - GarbageGothic
Suzuki Aisaka - Avenir
Terushige Koga - Bblackroses
Yoshio Izumo - HarenaVA
Yukiko Rokudou - Arakachi
Monorado - Roxy


GT - DR:BR trailer, Weebly website, audio, misc.
GarbageGothic - Audio, misc.

​Miwasiba - the original creator of Danganronpa Re: Birth.
​The rest of the Danganrebirth-Voices team - Elsta, GamingFennex, Pooks, Myr, Ruka Samuels, SilentMusician, TheUi4, DeathNapalm, Soupy, Spicedon, and Wcender.
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