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Bastard, Go and Kill - Chaco, a Mexican on the run from just about everyone, is framed for the killing of a couple of cattlemen. Bastard, Go and Kill ...

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Bastard, Go and Kill - Chaco, a Mexican on the run from just about everyone, is framed for the killing of a couple of cattlemen.

Bastard, Go and Kill (1971)
Director: Gino Mangini (as Luigi Mangini)
Writers: Sergio Garrone, Gino Mangini (revised screenplay) (as Luigi Mangini)
Stars: George Eastman, Lincoln Tate, Franco Lantieri
Country: Italy
Language: English
Release Date: 6 March 1971 (Italy)
Also Known As: Chaco

Chaco, a Mexican on the run from just about everyone, is framed for the killing of a couple of cattlemen. Everyone knows he's innocent but the evidence is substantial. Chaco escapes and with the help of a bounty hunter, goes after the real murderers.

"I like my Spaghetti Westerns heavy on the gunplay and loaded with macho posturing. So, after reading the blurb on the back of the recent Wild East Productions release for this film, written by Spaghetti Western expert Tom Betts that makes note of the lack of gunplay, I was not expecting much from this film to be truthful. Within the first five minutes or so we are subjected to attempted vigilante style hanging of the poor half-American- half Mexican Chaco (George Eastman aka Luigi Montefiori) character by a family of Irish brothers who insist that Chaco had raped their poor sister. The noose is placed around the pleading, innocent Chaco's neck and the horse's backside is slapped to send it running, suddenly a gunshot rings out and shoots the rope in two and the horse races off with Chaco very much alive, the shooter being the supposed rape subject, a white woman.


The director at times tended to let scenes play out too long and made for some boring, tedious parts, the editing needed to be more focused on the cutting of some scenes, like the celebration in the saloon when Chaco has returned and the festival at the end which is bit laborious to sit through. The cast is uniformly good and the two leads in Eastman and Tate play off each other well as opponents, and create a nice team at the end to exonerate Chaco. The film would probably look back to the film's THE BIG GUN DOWN (1966, Italy), RUN, MAN RUN (1968, Italy, Spain) as its models, the fun loving Mexican who is wrongly accused and it takes an Americano to help free him from prosecution. The film while having an Italian star in George Eastman has no bankable or known American actor in the film, which would point to this film as being produced for the Italian and some third world markets, Tom Betts had this to say about the film's possible distribution "Yes these films were made for distribution in third world countries and Eastern Europe, Latin America was just starting to shrug off the oppression they felt from the British, America, and the U.S.S.R., Robert Woods told me his Pecos character was almost worshiped as a hero in African countries. They were also shown in the smaller theaters in Italy's small towns where the political content the producer, distributor, writers wanted to get over to the public by disguising it as a western."

The film thoroughly surprised me and was all in all a very enjoyable film presentation.The [Bastardo, vamos a matar|[Chaco]] film is an anamorphic widescreen presentation and includes a picture gallery and an alternative credits sequence. The only issues with the film presented here is that in a few scenes the blacks look a bit chalky, but that does not take anything away from this overall beautiful presentation. The soundtrack sounds great with a few small audio hisses but all in all fantastic. The fact that this hard to find film is available in a region 0 release is enough incentive to purchase, add on the beautiful presentation, and the equally beautiful presentation of THE WILD AND THE DIRTY, and you have a real winner here. This combo of films ranks right at the top in my book of region one spaghetti western releases in 2015. Thank you Wild East for this grand Spaghetti Western release." Written by Mike Hauss on spaghetti-western.net


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