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Cemetery Without Crosses - A melancholic, fetishistic gunfighter is drawn into a vengeful and tragic kidnapping plot by his widowed ex-lover. Cemetery...

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Cemetery Without Crosses - A melancholic, fetishistic gunfighter is drawn into a vengeful and tragic kidnapping plot by his widowed ex-lover.

Cemetery Without Crosses (1969):
Director: Robert Hossein
Writers: Robert Hossein (scenario), Claude Desailly (scenario)
Stars: Michèle Mercier, Robert Hossein, Guido Lollobrigida
Country: France | Italy
Language: French | Italian | Spanish
Release Date: 27 February 1970 (West Germany)
Also Known As: The Rope and the Colt
Filming Locations: Almería, Andalucía, Spain

The Rogers family are rich and powerful cattle and land owners. The Caine brothers - Ben, Thomas and Eli - rebel against them and steal a shipment of gold coins. The Rogers are used to settling their affairs personally and kill Ben, while the other two manage to escape, although their house is burned down. Maria, Ben's wife, has only one wish: to avenge her husband's death. Only one person will help her to achieve this end: Manuel, a lonely gunfighter who accepts to help her due to his past relationship with Maria and Ben. Manuel decides to kidnap Diana, the Rogers' beloved daughter, and Maria obliges her father and his three sons to humble themselves on Ben's grave and ask for forgiveness. However, both the Rogers and the Caines' plans for each other go awry... with tragic and deadly results.

"This is a very good eurowestern that will have you in its grip from start to finish.

It is beautifully filmed with lots of desolate wide open desert, and impressive mountain scenery. The film has a feeling of loneliness as much of it takes place in a deserted ghost town which has apparently become the home of the protagonist.

The movie is populated with bitter characters that are primarily motivated by revenge. There are no happy endings here. This definitely wasn't "the feel good movie of the year," which is a good thing. The female lead is a beautiful woman in black with little left to live for other than seeing her husband's killers pay for his death. Her relationship with Manuel, the man she goes to for help with her plan, is a very intriguing one. This is because we are left to wonder what their history is until close to the end of the film when it is finally revealed.

The music score is excellent. The opening/closing theme is a great spaghetti western ballad with vocals. The music during the film is mostly guitar designed to create feelings of suspense and sadness. There's also a touch of organ thrown in for good measure. It all works wonderfully with the film.

This is a high-quality spaghetti western that is riveting and entertaining. I highly recommend this one. If you get the chance to see it, don't pass it up." Written by spider89119 on IMDb.com

"After finally seeing this in a very good print I believe it to be one of the best of the non Leone Spaghettis. It's a shame that a lot of these forgotten westerns are only available in multi generation copys because it really affects ones perception. I originally saw this in a VHS dub that was just a shade above unwatchable. What a difference a clear picture and sound track makes. Vintage 60's Spaghetti music and cynical noir like script. Very simple, nothing "spectacular" but everything works and it moves at a good clip. Good cast with the French leads and some Spaghetti regulars. The scene where Hossein plays the music box while brushing up on his shooting skill is a high point. Every spaghetti fan should check this out. Only available in a Japanese import. Great stuff." Written by ster2001 on IMDb.com


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