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1953 City of Bad Men (original title), Western Movie in Full Length, Free Classic Feature Film, English, American Cowboy Flick, Hollywood Film. City o...

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1953 City of Bad Men (original title), Western Movie in Full Length, Free Classic Feature Film, English, American Cowboy Flick, Hollywood Film.

City of Bad Men is a 1953 Technicolor Western film directed by Harmon Jones and starring Jeanne Crain and Dale Robertson.

Directed by Harmon Jones
Produced by Leonard Goldstein
Written by George W. George and George F. Slavin
Director Of Photography: Charles G. Clarke, ASC
Musical Direction: Lionel Newman
Film Editor: George A. Gittens
Runtime: 1h 21min

CAST: Jeanne Crain (Linda Culligan), Dale Robertson (Brett Stanton), Richard Boone (Johnny Ringo), Lloyd Bridges (Gar Stanton), Carole Mathews (Cynthia Castle), Carl Betz (Phil Ryan), Whifield Connor (Jim London), Hugh Sanders (Bill Gifford), Rodolfo Acosta (Mendoza), Pascual Garcia Pena (Pig), Don Haggerty (Bob Thrailkill), Leo Gordon, John Doucette, Frank Ferguson, James Best.

Outlaw Brett Stanton and his gang, which includes his brother, Gar, ride into Carson City, Nevada, which is filled with people who have come there from all over to see the Heavyweight Championship prizefight between James J. "Gentleman Jim" Corbett and Bob Fitzsimmons. Broke and disgruntled, the gang asks Bret what he intends to do, and he tells them he is planning the biggest haul they have ever made. But gangs led by Johnny Ringo and Bob Thraikill are also in town with plans of their own, and no intention of abiding by Brett's plan.

PLOT (Wikipedia): A heavyweight championship fight between James J. Corbett and Bob Fitzsimmons is coming to Carson City, Nevada at exactly the same time outlaw Brett Stanton and brother Gar return to town. Away for six years, Brett has alienated his former love, Linda Culligan, who is now involved with Jim London, the fight's promoter. London's sister, Cynthia Castle, tries to attract Brett's interest, but he's only got eyes for Linda. Because the bout could sell as much as $100,000 in tickets, law-breakers like Johnny Ringo are also milling around, keeping Sheriff Bill Gifford on his toes. He ends up asking Brett to be a deputy, just for the week of the fight, not knowing Brett's actually scheming to rob the proceeds himself. A fight-day decision by Linda to end her engagement to Jim changes the plans of Brett, who decides to go straight. Alas, his brother Gar betrays him to Ringo, who goes through with the daring robbery. Brett has to exchange gunfire with both Ringo and Gar, and when he's successful, Linda returns to his arms.

On March 17, 1897, in Carson City, Nevada, Bob Fitzsimmons knocked out “Gentleman” Jim Corbett in 14 rounds to become the World Heavyweight Champion. This historic boxing match is the basis of City Of Bad Men (1953), as bandits are drawn like flies to the event’s box office. Among those ambitious outlaws are Brett Stanton (Dale Robertson) and his outfit, which includes his brother Gar (Lloyd Bridges), along with the gangs of Johnny Ringo (Richard Boone) and Bob Thrailkill (Don Haggerty). Complicating matters is that Brett is no stranger to Carson City, and he has some unfinished business with Linda Culligan (Jeanne Crain). It’s not long before Brett is torn between Linda and the money. The story goes that Dale Robertson stayed away from acting classes in the early days of his career, and there’s a naturalism to his work that serves his Westerns well. While he’s known for Tales Of Well Fargo on TV, his feature work like City Of Bad Men is worth seeking out. If the part calls for it, he can drop his easygoing charm with ease. The more of his films I see, the more I like him.

City Of Bad Men was produced by Leonard Goldstein, who produced many, many films for Universal (including the Ma And Pa Kettle series) and 20th Century-Fox. He clearly understood the importance of a strong cast and filled this one with pros like Frank Ferguson, John Doucette and Don Haggerty. He also gave a stage actor named Leo Gordon his first film work.

City Of Bad Men is yet another solid middle-budget 50s Western, with a good script, great cast and handsome production values. Director of Photography Charles G. Clarke, who spent the bulk of his career at 20th Century-Fox, makes sure everything look terrific.

Brazil Cidade do Mal
Australia City of Bad Men
Canada (English title) City of Bad Men
Belgium (Flemish title) De stad der doders
Austria Die Geier von Carson City
West Germany Die Geier von Carson City
USA (working title) Fight Town
Spain Forajidos en Carson City
Denmark Knock-out i Carson City
Italy La città dei fuorilegge
Belgium (French title) La cité des tueurs
Finland Lainsuojattomien kaupunki
Romania Orasul oamenilor rai
Sweden Stantonligans sista kupp

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