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Light Up the State

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A Special Opportunity For 104 years, the shining State Theatre has welcomed residents and visitors to downtown Traverse City. We are your nonprofit co...

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A Special Opportunity
For 104 years, the shining State Theatre has welcomed residents and visitors to downtown Traverse City. We are your nonprofit community movie theater, where we come together to celebrate and to experience great movies that entertain, educate, and touch our hearts. In times like these, we need the power of film in our lives. The Traverse City Film Festival, which operates the State and Bijou theaters, has been selected for a special grant opportunity. If we raise over $5,000, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will match the community’s gift with an additional $5,000.

Why We Need Your Help
On March 15, 2020, all movie theaters in Michigan were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But even closed theaters have expenses; they must be climate controlled to protect equipment, security systems must remain in place, and there are costs for rent and insurance. Even though all our employees are furloughed, they continue to volunteer to bring you the best in film through streaming events in your homes and to care for the needs of our historic buildings. With no tickets being sold, there is no revenue. And with no Traverse City Film Festival this summer, another major source of sustaining revenue for the theaters is gone. We are applying for grants and emergency funding to keep our organization afloat, in hopes we will be ready and able to reopen when it is safe to do so. But as the months closed continue, it won’t be a simple flip of the switch for us to be able to welcome you back through our doors. Won’t you help us with this special matching grant opportunity?

Our Love for Our Community
We can’t wait to see you back at the movies! The State has always been a gathering place for our community--our defacto town square. We meet to watch films, listen to music, enjoy big events, and cherish time with our family and friends. We give back to our community by hosting over 350 free or low-cost events per year, and we offer free admissions to over 6,000 school children annually. Families have long been our focus through programming like our free Spring Break Staycation, 25¢ weekly kids films, and special holiday events. We also partner with area nonprofits who use the State Theatre to share their own important messages. Our community is special to us, and there is nothing more joyful for us than to see how movies delight our audiences.

The iconic State Theatre marquee, the heartbeat of our thriving downtown, has been dark since March. And to see the glow of this once vibrant cultural center dimmed has been emblematic of the many struggles our community is currently facing. We need your support to light it back up and bring the movie magic back to downtown Traverse City.

Ways YOU can HELP
Donate through one of our levels by clicking the support button.
Share #LightUptheState campaign on your social pages
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Help us keep our film legacy in Traverse City for another 104 years by donating today! Thank you for your support!
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