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The Jester (Full Length, English Horror, Mystery Movie) Entire Fantasy Thriller Online, Free


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The Jester - Free, English Fantasy Movie, HD, Full Length Horror Thriller, Mystery Feature Film Online for Free, Joker Horror Movie.

The Jester (2007)
Country: USA
Runtime: 1h 30min
Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy
Director: John Johnson
Writer: John Johnson
Stars: Anna Marie DeFelice, Eleanor Drew, Chris J. Duncan

Storyline: When fantasy author Elizabeth goes browsing a book store for inspiration, she soon finds herself caught up in the curse of The Jester's Tale.

Movie Summary:
Once upon a time, there was a Jester…
When Elizabeth finds a book of fairy tales she thinks she has found the perfect source material for her next novel. After reading of its stories on a Jester wrongly put to death for his crimes of the heart she knows now she has something. The problem is… The stories are true! And the Jester’s curse has now found her!
…and now there will be Blood.


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