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The Rise of Phokas- Lego One-Shot (short film)- Nikephoros Phokas story


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Rated P-G. A No Budget Films One-Shot (short film) directed by Powee Celdran, set in the Byzantine Empire timeline. A Lego Byzantine epic set in the 10th century starring Nikephoros II Phokas, one of Byzantium's most successful generals as well as emperor. This one-shot Lego film is No Budget Films' first Byzantine epic story fully centered on Byzantium, based on historical characters and settings, but not entirely historically accurate.
"The Rise of Phokas" takes place in the year 963 when the Byzantine Empire, a major power in the Eastern Mediterranean is on its way to becoming a global power. Although, in Constantinople, the capital, the young emperor Romanos II dies from mysterious circumstances and his children are too young to succeed him, which means the most suitable candidate for the imperial throne is the successful Byzantine general Nikephoros Phokas of Cappadocia. At the same time as Romanos II's death, Nikephoros is a couple hundred kilometers away battling the Arabs in Aleppo to recapture the city for the Byzantines. At the end, the formidable battle tactics of the Phokas brothers, Nikephoros and Leo end up in successfully retaking Aleppo after killing the Arab governor in charge. It is only after retaking the city that Nikephoros learns of Romanos II's death and that he was appointed to succeed the late emperor, but in order to do it, he must marry the late emperor's widow Theophano. Using the absence of Phokas from the capital after the emperor's death, the eunuch court secretary, Joseph Bringas uses this as an opportunity to take the throne for himself. Nikephoros and his men must quickly return to the capital before he is denied entry by Bringas and the imperial court.
Directed by Powee Celdran
Voice Cast: Powee Celdran, Alej Consing, Igi Rollan, Carlos Francisco, Patrick Claudio, with Dia Sosa, JC Santos, and Anton Diño
Sets by Lego

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