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WWI America Goes Over Reel-2 America answered the Allies appeal for soldiers to fight “the Central Powers” in WW1. Footage of the American Expeditiona...

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WWI America Goes Over Reel-2
America answered the Allies appeal for soldiers to fight “the Central Powers” in WW1. Footage of the American Expeditionary Forces crossing the Atlantic, landing in France and fighting the last great battles of WW1.

A Dere Mabel cartoon by Wally the famous A.E.F. Artist. Soldiers of the A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Forces) writing letters home. Two more Wally cartoons. French bringing up men and guns to stop the enemy's rapid advance. French firing a field artillery gun, appears to be a French 75 mm. Artillery field guns firing over a column of soldiers moving up to the front lines.

April 9, 1918 the enemy offensive along the Lys River in Flanders forced the British to rush up reserves. Horse drawn artillery field guns being rushed up to the front. British firing heavy howitzer. With enormous losses the Allies were fighting with their backs to the wall. Bodies of dead Allied soldiers on the battlefield and in trenches.

The Allies appeal to America for men. Soldiers of the A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Forces) boarding a troop transport ship bound for Europe in WW1. Low aerial view of the American doughboys waving from the deck of the ship. Four Black soldiers dancing on the deck of the ship as other soldiers watch.

A Wally cartoon shows how two million men crossed safely under our Navy's protection. Convoy of American ships bound for Europe. CU of man in crow's nest on watch for German submarines German u-boat. A 4-stack flush deck destroyer underway at high speed.

U-Boat alarm on troop transport ship. Destroyer guarding the convoy firing at a German U-Boat with deck gun. Y-guns throwing depth charges in effort to destroy a German U-boat sub. Protecting a ship convoy with smoke screen. A destroyer laying down a smoke screen to hide ships in convoy. Troop transport ship with airship in background.

From ship to 40 hommes 8 chevaux. The soldiers of the A.E.F embark from troop ship and board railroad cars in France for movement to toward the front lines. A Wally cartoon reads At Cantigny and Chateau the enemy first realize the Yanks were there. Distant shelling of Cantigny. American soldiers loading and firing artillery field gun.

The WW1 Western Front in France. Hurling himself at the French the enemy quickly pushed 35 miles to the Marne with Paris his next goal. In this crisis Americans were rushed to halt the advance. American soldiers on trucks. Chateau Thierry under fire and ruins of bridge immortalized by Americans. The American troops took Belleau Wood from the best enemy divisions.

10,000 men a day: the rapidly increasing American forces played an important part in stopping the last great enemy offensive. Troop transport ship arriving in Europe in WW1. With the Americans in the place of honor, the Allies assumed the offensive and drove the enemy from the Marne Salient. On July 18, 1918 Allied troops attacked before dawn driving a deep wedge into the enemy line south of Soissons. Large French tank moving across the battle field.

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